Talking to mirror

Men usually wonder y do women take so much time to dress up .? they usually mock about  women standing in front of mirror for hours , my husband is no different .Once teasing me he said ,women can talk to mirrors . I could not reply him ,i could not  answer .I just smiled and walked away . I smiled for his ignorance , i smiled as i felt pity  on myself because my husband could not understand me , he dint knew the reason for me standing in front of the mirror .The simple reason , the reason that i m not taking to mirror,  i m talking to myself  .I am looking at the mirror to find the Perfect “ME” for i feel inadequate , inappropriate and unimpressive. Its Not about just how I Look , its about everything , everything about me .
Among us ,almost 85% women feel the same ,inadequate and trivial .

Shocking , yet true .Least of us women are happy with what we see in mirror . What could be the probable reason ??Is it that we find ourselves  unattractive as we have lost our body and shape for giving birth  ,or  the overburdened responsibilities have made us stoop shouldered and we look old ?? or we are too busy cooking , mentoring and cleaning the house to get a hairdeo for ourselves ??Probably we feel we aren’t important as we are just housewife’s ,the so considered least important and easy job to do?? Or Probably we feel inefficient to maintain  balance between work and family ,or so called work life balance ??
But Frankly speaking ,All this are assumptions which have dwell in our minds and hearts and weaken us over the years . Coz for sure,  we the women have almost given our family and dear one’s the foremost priority in our life ,even more importance then we have given to ourselves .Beneath those household responsibilities , rituals and family aspirations we have forgotten our own dreams and aspirations ,yet we are not acclaimed and admired .
But Now its the time to change .To unleash and overcome those hidden fears , regain the self  confidence and fall in love with ourselves.we have given our best to our family ,and now its the time to ponder a little on our happiness  .So Stop waiting for someone to come and admire you .Admire yourself ,love yourself ,be proud of what you are and what you have done .Remember ,No one can take your place , because you are special . Stop judging yourself in the mirror as you are Perfect in your own ways .Mirror is your image ,it show’s what you want to see ,. If you’ll see the perfect you ‘the way you are ,your mirror will show you the same .


Attachment !!

I remember having a china pen when i was in class 5th , i was so deeply attached to that pen .Every exam my china pen was my companion . .I always carry it in my Campus box  . My lucky pen , my favorite pen . I continued the same practice till 8th standard . I remember how deeply i was hurt when  my elder brother broke off my pen . I actually cried for hours, because for me that pen was so precious and irreplaceable.  I had even  kept the broken pieces  for days , though i don’t remm for how long ..still  a faint memory of that exists in my mind .

Some people will  find reading it stupid ?? Today when living creatures , human beings are not given so importance , not loved so much .. how could someone  love a not -living , small , fragile fountain pen .Silly , Is’nt it ??? Indeed it sounds so .But that was not the era of internet and mobile phones ,that was the time when we were so away from the virtual world .We loved and believed in what we could see , feel and touch .Some loved their dolls , other teddy bear and i loved that Pen ..

Attachment could be with anything , any body , any place . Attachment word is not necessarily be addressed with a human being . Some are attached to a place they are living in as they have memories and a past associated with that place , Some people are attached to there pets . Pets are loved  and cared almost lives humans . A very fine line separates attachment with love  . When attachment reaches it peak , slowly it gets converted to love .

But who cares  , be its attachment or love . So what if other’s think you as silly and stupid  . These small attachments gives you a memory lane , a reason to smile looking back to the past,a reason to remember the instances of childhood , a reason to know yourself better .

I don’t care what others may think , but i am fond of small lil things , i love the small hand made basket kept  in the corner , the pretty lampshade on my table , the inspiring  painting in my bedroom .

I’ll always keep them along . These lil things brings a smile on my face,.