Blogging day 4 : TO Whomsoever it may concern :

I started this blog to share my experiences , to learn ,explore and practice my writing skills .I thought my audience is me , i write for myself .But when i look deep , I wanted it to reach someone , to everyone who can help me in this process to grow and learn .

I m full of hopes and dreams ,but lack of opportunities . I am still not sure writing is my cup of tea or not but I just  love doing it  and want to try my hands on this  . I Wish someone out there might be reading this .I wish some one out there will think m capable of writing well . I wish my thoughts , dreams and passion will reach and touch someone out there. I wish ,today a new door will open and i’ll accomplish what i wanted to .

7 thoughts on “Blogging day 4 : TO Whomsoever it may concern :

  1. I like your blog layout. Especially the animals. Very cute. On the writing end, I am sure you can. But just a piece of advice from a fellow blogger, avoid using short-forms in words. Otherwise, it is really nice 🙂


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