20 minutes : Yet another day !!

Alike everyday, yesterday was yet another day … the morning alarm , newspaper on the door , cooking ,cleaning , mending , laundry , babysitting , and other small household work . This is my daily routine … this is all i do the whole day .. it looks so simple and easy but when looked at a  border perspective ,  the nitty gritties of taking care of house , being a responsible mother , a good mate , a obedient wife takes a lot. A lot of ward work , patience ,  sacrifices and much more which only a women can do and understand .

Although i m happy and contend with my  life , i have a loving husband who loves and understands me ,  and a adorable ,sweet little baby,who amuses me all the time and makes me smile for no reason but still deep in heart ther’s something bothering me , something that keeps telling me that that’s not enough , go out explore the world .., reset your limits and cross your boundaries . But  those thoughts are not concrete ,they are loosened and  deep buried . I am yet to discover what that spark is , that missing stint that leaves me frazzled and stumb .i have to .tie those loosen treads ,and find out what would give me  sense of fulfillment ,a sense of accomplishment .. Every night when i sleep , pondering on the day’s activities , i don’t get that feel of accomplishment .Everyday looks like the same .. with nothing so important to tell , or to pen down . .. .

Today, it just wont let it be just another day , because today  i have decide that everyday i;ll take 20 minutes for myself for doing what i really enjoy and wanted to do .. probably that would give me a inner satisfaction and a smile to make the next day more fruitful.

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