women the next door…

We shifted to a new society in mid of June last year. Though initially i was not so happy about the place and the neighborhood but soon I got settled. One person who was most supporting and helped in all transition was my new neighbor . She’s in her mid thirties  but looks fit and perfect. Small heighted , little plump,long hair, dressed in Salwar Kaameej symbolising the perfect Indian traditional women . Yet she’s  a metrosexual women. Manges the home, two kids ,and  bussiness. She’s popular in the society, everyone knows her and she waves to every one who passes by..
She’s loud spoken , extrovert and always there when you need a helping hand.
You can often see her busy, hurrying , rushing towards the stairs , talking over phone in one hand, and packets, boxes, bags in other. Just at a single sight one could tell she’s a busy women.
When I first met her, I could not understand her. I found her a little  weird, she would rush away in the middle of conversation, or suddenly shouts over her kids playing in the corner, or changed the topic abruptly. But later as I got to see her and know her closely I understood the real person .A simple living, middle class women ,living with her in-laws , husband and two kids. She manages everything so well . Gets up early ,does all cooking , cleaning, mending, laundry sends her kids to school and hubbysband to office. Sets everything in place for the in-laws then goes to her office.brings her kids from school , goes to gym  prepares dinner. Makes the bed . She does eveything to make her family and people around her happy  and little time she gets for herself ,she wants to be a helping hand to husband . She tries to earn some extra pennies ,sometimes by selling salwar suits fromhome, or other times arranging summer classes for kids.
Sometimes I really wonder , does she has more than 24 hrs s day?how come she manages so many things all by herself ,  Yet she looks happy,and her face glowing… When ever I see her jogging in the park I often think of asking her this question. But then she waves ,smiles and passes quickly. Probably she has all that energy and innerstrength which helps her to be the wonderful person she is.

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