Good old days

Every day becomes a celebration when you are with our loved one’s.I remember when I was a kid everyday when dad came back from office he use to bring something for us . Be it sweets , fruits, chocolates , pastries , cake or toys this was a every days routine . And on special occasions , Mom would cook all my favorite dishes. Be it dhokla,Pav bhaaji ,masala dosa, chocolate cake , paneer platter or anything I wanted to eat. Mom’s dishes were the best ones.
I could still feel that delightful taste  in my tounge.I love her cooking so much . And the day ended with the icecream treat.. yummy , mouth watering icecream.
I feel nostalgic remembering those days. Me and my brothers  enjoyed so much , celebrating those little occations , the happy moments .
As we grew older , my prefences of food changed . But samosa,paani puri,panner,icecream have always been and are my favroite cousine and  Mom cooked food tops the list.
With time the ways of celebration changed,now it was a lunch/dinner in a restaurant with family /   friends and food of eveyone’s choice.
But even today when I really want to cherish and enjoy the food I would eat one of my favorite all time paani  puri or Samosa.