Thoughts differ:

Arun and Maithly walked thorugh the park holding each other’s hands .

Maithly :

Maithly  wanted to have some time with her husband , some alone time away from the busy life ,amid the lush green  beauty of nature . They could not go for a vacation , but sometimes a little walk around the neighborhood could make a day ,so was today .It was Sunday morning windy , misty and cloud. She could hear the birds singing , feel the silent touch of wind on her face.She was enjoying the atmosphere . The perfect romantic climate . she clasp Arun’s hand and smiled. She was happpy , content  and felt safe . Lost in her own thoughts suddenly she realized Arun looked nervous ,his smile was fading away .He was looking at the old women sitting on the bench knitting a small red sweater .A tear rolled through Arun’s eyes . Maithly could understand Arun’s pain .She knew that old women brought back the memories of his mother . She took hold his hand tightly ,and gave him a comforting smile.

Arun .

Arun loved his wife . He had a important meeting this sunday morning but he could not upset Maithly so he decided to give some time to his beloved wife and then go for the meeting . While walking through the park his mind was occupied with many things .He was holding Maithlies hand , and realized how important she was to him .No work or meeting is important then her. He would do everything to make her happy .He smiled at her and kept walking . Suddenly he saw a  old women sitting at the bench .She resembled his mother so much . His mother who passed away a month ago.He looked at the old women closely , she was knitting a small red sweater .Looking at the sight , Arun could not stop his tears . Last time when he met his mother she wanted to give a hand Knitted sweater to Arun’s son . Arun just went back in the memories and felt nostalgic .Maithly clasped his hand tightly. He dint wanted to spoil Maithly’s mood  . He wiped  his tears , smiled  and walked further .

Old women.

She wanted to sit in sun . But annoyed that the weather so was cloudy today . She was having tough time knitting that sweater in that low sunlight. Hardly she could see the knitting treads properly . She adjusted her glasses and tried to concentrate . She saw Arun and Maithly standing at the corner of bench and staring at her . She got conscious and  gave a stern look at them and hid her small little sweater in her bag .