chapter 2- Found my love

Loosing some one fills the heart with sorrow and remorse . Especially someone who is close to your heart and loved dearly.The memories of the person keep haunting . The separation kills you within and life becomes difficult to live. I was going trough the same phase  , my small fragile heart was broken .I had lost my love, I have lost a dear friend. I felt  helpless as i dint knew the reason for this . All of a sudden all communication ended  , when you are so use to ,habitual and dependent  on one person and all of a sudden that person vanishes from you life you are not able to take it .You feel helpless , unwanted  and cheated .  I was also feeling the same , i felt it was a nightmare and when i’ll wake up everything will be back in place . But it was a reality . I cried , i sobbed  but soon accepted the reality . It was a difficult phase but time heals everything and life teaches you to leave the past behind and move on. It is well said that every cloud has a silver lining..Probably that breakup was a new start .A new beginning to rediscover myself.I had learnt to become strong , to hide the pain and walk forward. I too moved on.

Gradually that pain ceased, and I met someone special ,I met my hubby. With him life became beautiful .The very first time when i met him something triggered  , i got a strange feeling inside my stomach , my heart  was beating fast .Probably it was a sign, it was god’s way of telling me that my life is gonna change now .And soon it moved  with the speed of roller coaster ride  . Me and my prince charming got engaged  , we fell in love.. Finding love is a beautiful feeling , it changes you completely and gives you a different prospective about life. Now ,for me, life was colorful ,adventurous and happy there are ups and downs but I face them strongly because  I had found a person to stand by my side. A person whom I can trust blindly ,who will never leave my hand in any circumstance. I feel safe and secure  . I feel loved. He makes  me feel special. He made me fall in love with myself. With him I can just be myself . I can share anything and everything with him , i don’t have to think and speak  . He understands me ,he loves me . He is my best buddy , he’s my beloved hubby .I  don’t have to look beautiful  anymore because he loves me the way I m .  He loves me for the person I m. I M so lucky and happy to find him.  He completes me. I have seriously found true love, A true friend .I had found my soul mate. .


Speak up !!

Some things are better left unsaid …

Does it happens with you that you want to say something but you are numb and not able to speak up ?? the words come to your  mouth but refuses to utter . Well it happens with me lot of times . I wanted to speak up , i wanted to enter the conversation but sometimes i hesitate while other times  i prefer not to evolve . Sometimes i think let it be , while other time i am too reluctant to speak as people are too judgmental these days , in case i uttered something that’s not legible ,they might have a wrong impression about me . Later i think probably it was good that i dint speak up , probably somethings are better left unsaid . Somethings which might hurt someone , insult someone or doesn’t have much sense should be left unsaid .

Wish i would have spoken –

I hardly had a time that i regretted that i  dint spoke, just once when i was working and i decided to quit the job .During the Exit interview  i dint said about all the shortcomings and problems i faced , i wish i should have  everything which me and other employees were going through ,probably the working conditions might have improved . But alas i quit the job just giving a stero type reason .

Better speak up :But be careful

Its better to speak your heart , so you leave no regrets behind. Probably speaking up might make the things better .It Its you who decide when to and when not to , because the ball is in  your court  Sometimes words can made wonders but sometimes it may cause blunders too. So Think and speak and better be careful with your words ,



when i was twelve

I feel nostalgic thinking of old childhood days , wish I could live those days again . I have lots of good memories and moments to cherish. One of those were with my friend Richa. She was my first best buddy. Though we are not in much contact now but still when I remember those days I feel delighted and happy.

I was around 12 that time when my dad got transferred to ujjain. It was a new city,new place, new school. Initially I was very upset leaving my old friends and school and coming to new place but when I met Richa everything fell in place.She was also a new student ,so soon we became friends and later best friends. The new school was not so good as my previous one , and a major difference was it was co-education alike my previous girls school.Although acadamics wise it was great but curricular was not good enough. I made few friends, and as I was good in studies teachers also liked me so soon all I stated gelling with everyone.

Ujjain was a small religious town , lots of temples and pilgrims. There was hardly any place to freak about . I never liked the place that much .Unlike the city our house was very cool. We stayed in government quarter’s..It was a big house with huge garden .Surrounded by big tress ,plants ,and beautiful flowers. I remember spending time watering the plants every evening. It was so much fun. The Huge Nee, tree was my best buddy. I would sit in its shade and when the wind would blow I stood down to catch the dried leaves. It was silly but i enjoyed doing that .The surroundings of house was  was spacious  and there was a small gate amid the garden to the neighbors house . They were a small nice family . One talkative girl who was in to medical studies,and her over possessive parents they were real gem of people always there to help..

We had birthday parties ,get together n  gatherings at our place , we enjoyed a lot.  Though I dint liked  the city but every place leaves a impact on us . So was Ujjain. I always remember the days I spend there and cherish them in my heart.