chapter 2- Found my love

Loosing some one fills the heart with sorrow and remorse . Especially someone who is close to your heart and loved dearly.The memories of the person keep haunting . The separation kills you within and life becomes difficult to live. I was going trough the same phase  , my small fragile heart was broken .I had lost my love, I have lost a dear friend. I felt  helpless as i dint knew the reason for this . All of a sudden all communication ended  , when you are so use to ,habitual and dependent  on one person and all of a sudden that person vanishes from you life you are not able to take it .You feel helpless , unwanted  and cheated .  I was also feeling the same , i felt it was a nightmare and when i’ll wake up everything will be back in place . But it was a reality . I cried , i sobbed  but soon accepted the reality . It was a difficult phase but time heals everything and life teaches you to leave the past behind and move on. It is well said that every cloud has a silver lining..Probably that breakup was a new start .A new beginning to rediscover myself.I had learnt to become strong , to hide the pain and walk forward. I too moved on.

Gradually that pain ceased, and I met someone special ,I met my hubby. With him life became beautiful .The very first time when i met him something triggered  , i got a strange feeling inside my stomach , my heart  was beating fast .Probably it was a sign, it was god’s way of telling me that my life is gonna change now .And soon it moved  with the speed of roller coaster ride  . Me and my prince charming got engaged  , we fell in love.. Finding love is a beautiful feeling , it changes you completely and gives you a different prospective about life. Now ,for me, life was colorful ,adventurous and happy there are ups and downs but I face them strongly because  I had found a person to stand by my side. A person whom I can trust blindly ,who will never leave my hand in any circumstance. I feel safe and secure  . I feel loved. He makes  me feel special. He made me fall in love with myself. With him I can just be myself . I can share anything and everything with him , i don’t have to think and speak  . He understands me ,he loves me . He is my best buddy , he’s my beloved hubby .I  don’t have to look beautiful  anymore because he loves me the way I m .  He loves me for the person I m. I M so lucky and happy to find him.  He completes me. I have seriously found true love, A true friend .I had found my soul mate. .

8 thoughts on “chapter 2- Found my love

  1. Wow this was so special, and sweet. I love how you incorporate the variety of feelings you feel when you are in love, and when things change for the better. I felt like I understood what you were feeling so that’s really good writing. I noticed when you wrote the word “am” you left out the “a” so it was just “m”. Overall I thought this was lovely, and I’m glad you found someone amazing.


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