Speak up !!

Some things are better left unsaid …

Does it happens with you that you want to say something but you are numb and not able to speak up ?? the words come to your  mouth but refuses to utter . Well it happens with me lot of times . I wanted to speak up , i wanted to enter the conversation but sometimes i hesitate while other times  i prefer not to evolve . Sometimes i think let it be , while other time i am too reluctant to speak as people are too judgmental these days , in case i uttered something that’s not legible ,they might have a wrong impression about me . Later i think probably it was good that i dint speak up , probably somethings are better left unsaid . Somethings which might hurt someone , insult someone or doesn’t have much sense should be left unsaid .

Wish i would have spoken –

I hardly had a time that i regretted that i  dint spoke, just once when i was working and i decided to quit the job .During the Exit interview  i dint said about all the shortcomings and problems i faced , i wish i should have  everything which me and other employees were going through ,probably the working conditions might have improved . But alas i quit the job just giving a stero type reason .

Better speak up :But be careful

Its better to speak your heart , so you leave no regrets behind. Probably speaking up might make the things better .It Its you who decide when to and when not to , because the ball is in  your court  Sometimes words can made wonders but sometimes it may cause blunders too. So Think and speak and better be careful with your words ,


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