Day 14 : Word Nagging

Dear ,

Please stop nagging me . I know how to do my stuff . If you keep telling me again and again the things i am ought to do and things i don’t do I would rather become defensive . I would prefer not to listen to you . I would shuff off and walk away . I don’t like you nagging me all the time .You make me feel petite and selfish . I feel Suffocated .I am not in considerate ,selfish , insensitive  as you decribe me . I have feelings . I get hurt when you keep taunting me .You all time nagging is making me a worse person , i am intentionally avoiding the things which you tell me to do , because in your eyes i am already a bad person , so i want to show you the  worse.

Please stop nagging me . Please don’t start the same things every day and night . Please understand that when i m unable to do something there might be a reason . I have lots of other things going in my mind . Cant you see i m stressed out . Cant you see  my appetite had reduced  ? Cant you see the small  grey hair shining over my head?? I m aging dear . I cant handle everything as i did before . I get tired . There is lot of work in office , and the kids are growing up , they keep me busy as well. I don’t get time dear . I am too occupied . I forget things  .I love you and want to do things as before but i m not able to do it .

Please understand dear . Please stop nagging me.