We were packing our stuff to relocate  to a new apartment..I had to clear all the clutter ,pack the valuables safely and arrange everything in order. It was tough and messy job. .Reluctantly I statred doing ,and took hold of old boxes from the almirah. This box was full of old books,i wiped the dust out and started picking the books , some management books,some banking… some magazine’s and there underneth the corner I saw a diary .Carefully i took it, a certain feeling  happiness  filled my heart  as knew it was my old diary .It had so many memories within ,that diary was my beloved friend,my compamion  of sorrow. I dusted it  ,the soft denim cover which I had wrapped it  was still intact, the glitters still had there shine. As the pages fell in my hand I could feel that pleasant musty smell .I took it and sat near the window I wanted to read it all.

I admired myself for decorating and keeping it so well.  I had kept it there many years back.. still it was well .My handwriting looked so different. My language, my style everything looked different.I read it page by page ,  memories flashed across my eyes. I could still feel the pain i went through ,but the small happy moments which i have noted in that diary made me smile.I have almost forgotten them .It’s so strange we remember the worst ,bad moments and forget the happy times.The diary made me relive and cherish those moments again. I had a strange feeling ,I was happy and sad at the same time .

I went through the pages and found the poems I had written.I think those days my creative mind was on high spirts  .The poems were good ,as if someone else had written them .I could’nt beleive it was me writing them. They sounded mature and good. Proud of my lost skill I went further down the pages.I had scripped  lot of quotations  of renowed people around the world . I don’t remmember why I did so but all were indeed good. I came across the last page ,though there were still empty pages left but this was last written page .I stated to read it .It was a good bye note .

Who was it  I was saying goodbye to? I got blank ,I coul’nt remmember.I read further .It was a good bye note to diary .

Oh silly me. The letter said that” I m not going to write anything further, I m bored of you..”then  some goodies,some tear smaker things and the note ended.

I read it again but still coul’nt find the reason of that uncertain goodbye .Probably I was really bored of diary.Probably I might have found some real interesting people to hang around .

Whatever the reason would have been ,I wish I had not stopped writing.

I should not have left that lovely diary amid the clutter.I regretted my decision once made and decided to fill those empty pages again. To write only those happy moments to remember and cherish in future..GLad that I decided to clear the clutter. Glad that I found my diary