Hell with this outset of summer. Who said summer had just began ?  its already on its peak. The sun is bright and shiny the whole day.Even much before i wake up its there ,glowing ,burning ,illuminating with full strength.

This filthy heat is burning out and making me sick .It’s over my  freaking mind. I m not even able  to think. I don’t even feel control over words.. this heat is getting on my nerves. The blood in my veins is rushing  over my head and my face has turned red.I have bound myself in  the 4 walls of an air conditioned room otherwise my whole body will sweat out. 70%of body weight is water and m afraid,  if this heat will sweat out this amount of water  then probably I’ll disappear.

It’s so hot that I don’t think I need an oven to cook. I can probably cook chappies over my burning head.

I even think I don’t need to bake the cake.I can keep it out in sun,and without wasting electricity it will  be ready in few minutes. I also think I don’t need to add salt to my food anymore ,my sweat can probably add that flavor .Yuks .. I know I have stated blabbering out ,but as i said this heat can freak anybody out.And my dear Chennai has some extra kind of being humid ,hot and burning super all day and night and almost every time of the year. Privileged aren’t we? Cooking food seems to be so easy now and it’s gonna be super easy in coming months when the sun will show its extremities.

Summers ,i did like you some years back when you came  just for few months the year .when summers meant vacations . When summers could  change my wardrobe ,all cottons ,shorts,sleeveless can be worn out, the season to show off the style. To enjoy the long days,and sleep for small nights.Drink lots of juices ,play in water and dips in pool. But now ,I hate you..You stay for long .you have become so harsh and inhuman . I sweat all day ,I wait the day to finish ,so that at least night would be  little cooler. But you are wrapping the cooler nights also and making them so pale humid and hot alike you .I hate you for being so cruel . Please understand there are poor people and animals without shelter ,they can’t bear your hostility. Cool it down a little.Relax a little .so that we don’t hate you and welcome you as we do with other season’s . You are a season .Stay for a small session,for a small season. Don’t be so harsh ,understand our pain.

Oh God! My keyboard has stated sweating even …so I’ll stop here  ,and get some fresh air .. drink some chilled water ,relax and cool down.. you may keep loving this summer .