Proud and high!!

I m so proud of my daughter.She’s two and half year old ,a super active ,naughty, bubbly and very adorable baby. Though she amuses me every time with some of other thing but today it was not just like any other day. It was the annualday function at kindergarden.

When she came on state for the group dance  performance she was looking absolutely gorgeous and stunning. Dressed on that long Mexican frilled gown.dazzling colours and scarf.White beads necklace and small pretty smile on her face. She looked amazing.

The kids started dancing. It was the first stage performance of all the playgroup kids.Parents looked anxious and exited to see there lil ones in stage.They started dancing .It was a moment to capture. I can’t express my feelings in words.It was heavenly ..it was supreme.The most sweetest thing I have ever seen in my life. Imagine your small 2 yr old kid performing on state  with all that sweet cute little moves on the beats of the song. What can be more beautiful than this. My eyes were num… small tear of happiness dropped.She was dancing so well ..even much better than what I could have danced on stage. Me and my husband and other oatents were cheering them with joy ,happiness and feelings which are beyond expression.

I feel really proud and head high that she’s my daugher.Not just for that dance but for everything ..for every little things she doe.As I said, here my feelings are getting short of words.All I can say is I love her more than my life and can’t thank god enough for making me her mom.



Whats more boring !!

With summers popping up .. the days have become all the more boring and monotonous .Same routine , daily chores , heat of the sun .. everything seems so boring. With the boredom pilling up the  fatigue and laziness have outraged.I sleep extra hours , i eat extra calories , i get extra agitated  , irritated  and above all i am getting extra  disgusted and bored .

News flashing the same news .. ekta kapoor showing the same family drams , Movies are no different , same story-line and same screenplay .Television watching was never this boring

Even my wardrobe is not changing .. same dresses , same jwellery .Even Shopping doesn’t interest now  ,No new places , same malls , same shops , no varieties , no colour pattern ..it seems the creativity and imagination are lost somewhere.

Probably i am too  bored to see the brighter side of everything .. probably i need a break , probably i have to find some new stint in myself to see the changes in season , people and everything around !!