The first instant thought which flashed across my mind with word divide was ‘Divide and rule’. Indian had a long history associated with divide and rule policy adopted by Britishers to rule India. Since my  childhood i have been hearing of all those stories and that had created a strong impact on my mind.It made me learn one thing that whatever circumstances you face it you are united then no one can beat you and once you are  you are alone ,you stand petite and feeble and a easy prey to anyone who wants to conquer you .

Nowadays we often hear cases of divorce,property division between siblings ,and other issuses which divides the familes and seperates them. And its often seen the outsiders benefit the most from this family diffrences and division. Are we really happy without our loved ones ??just for the same of money and property?? we trust others more than our family but when time comes only our near data ones and family ppl supports us.  If your family and loved onces support you ,and stand by you .you need not fear ,you can win the world.

So don’t leave your fellowbeings ,do not allow anyone to separate you from your loved ones.Stand bythere side.

Fight for them not withthem and never get divided.