Stop Judgeing me!!!

Yes i am a housewife , yes i live in the four boundaries of house , yes i am jobless right now .But don’t judge me for this , I am a housewife by choice , i live in the boundaries of four walls because they are not mere walls ,those bricks are the building blocks of everlasting relationship , a place which is much more then house , its my lovely home.

I made a choice to leave my career and job for raising  kid . I do not  regret that decision I am not a failure , i dint escaped , i can do multitasking but not at the sake of my kids upbringing . Today ,when i look in the eyes of my 3 yrs old , i am a proud mother . I have given her all the love and care which a day care or maid , or nany could not have given .

I feel content and satisfied ,i have trust in my capabilities,and i will get a good job when i want to and when i need to . And talent doesn’t have an expiry date. I know i am talented . Yes ,  i have a career break ,does that mean i wont give my 100% to job ??  does that  mean i wont be committed to work , does that mean my skills have expired ?does it means that i wont be able to cope up with the competitive world ?? The answer is BIG’ NO ‘ . You cant judge me for a career -break , who gave you the right to judge me ?? Who told you that i wont be committed to work .

Yes , my family is my priority , but that doesn’t means i wont be committed to work . My work is my worship. I work with passion and dedication .

do you understand why i dint worked till now?? because my kid needed that attention , but now my toddler has grown up, she goes to school i have enough time, and peace of mind to concentrate on work .So stop judging me .I am , what i ought to be .  I am , what i wanted to be .

A women can create and destroy , she can achieve much more than a man can do . But only a women can make sacrifices for family and kids .So stop judging them

Stop judging me  if i cry .I cry, because i am strong to face the challenges , i cry to let go the pain , I cry to heal the pain , i cry to rise from the past , I cry for the new beginning .

So stop judging me , let go your  prejudices and see the Real me .