when i was twelve

I feel nostalgic thinking of old childhood days , wish I could live those days again . I have lots of good memories and moments to cherish. One of those were with my friend Richa. She was my first best buddy. Though we are not in much contact now but still when I remember those days I feel delighted and happy.

I was around 12 that time when my dad got transferred to ujjain. It was a new city,new place, new school. Initially I was very upset leaving my old friends and school and coming to new place but when I met Richa everything fell in place.She was also a new student ,so soon we became friends and later best friends. The new school was not so good as my previous one , and a major difference was it was co-education alike my previous girls school.Although acadamics wise it was great but curricular was not good enough. I made few friends, and as I was good in studies teachers also liked me so soon all I stated gelling with everyone.

Ujjain was a small religious town , lots of temples and pilgrims. There was hardly any place to freak about . I never liked the place that much .Unlike the city our house was very cool. We stayed in government quarter’s..It was a big house with huge garden .Surrounded by big tress ,plants ,and beautiful flowers. I remember spending time watering the plants every evening. It was so much fun. The Huge Nee, tree was my best buddy. I would sit in its shade and when the wind would blow I stood down to catch the dried leaves. It was silly but i enjoyed doing that .The surroundings of house was  was spacious  and there was a small gate amid the garden to the neighbors house . They were a small nice family . One talkative girl who was in to medical studies,and her over possessive parents they were real gem of people always there to help..

We had birthday parties ,get together n  gatherings at our place , we enjoyed a lot.  Though I dint liked  the city but every place leaves a impact on us . So was Ujjain. I always remember the days I spend there and cherish them in my heart.


Its music time ..

Although i love music , but i m not much in to listening or tuning up to music .  I hardly remember lyrics of any song .  And in case i sing , though that’s a rare , but if i sing its a blunder .. i am a  pathetic singer .So 3 songs which are important to me are well ..the first one would be Tum hi ho from Aashique 2 because my husband often sings this song .. he loves it .and i love listening this song when he sings . i feel he sings this for me .The lyrics are just so beautiful that it connects to the heart. Even my daughter who’s just one and a half years old dances on the music . That”s the reason for me loving this song

The second one on the list would be neele neele ambar par ,this song makes me nostalgic ,i sang this song with my entire BSc class for the teachers day . it was so much fun . we had so good time while practicing the song . This was the first time i sang on stage , and singing on stage was a real big achievement for me.

I dont really remember any important third song to mention probably i’ll update if something strikes or something touches my heart .. Till then i’ll let this two be in the list .

And for the twist i completed my 15 minutes of writing .


Room with a View : Dream Date

Near the sea , i could hear the sound of waves , the wind slightly   touching the face , the sparkling stars and moon smiling over the sky .White silk curtains flapping with wind covering the decorated table for the dinner date .

I am all geared up , beautifully dressed , high heels ,nice perfume and elegant jewels …smiling ,  amazed ,happy ,and delighted to look at the set up … its my dream date ..i always wanted to have this kind of date ..the ambiance , the locale  , the set up and the person .. all perfect .everything was so perfect .. i was feeling on the top the world .

Me and my hubby , just the two of us spending the most happy , peaceful and quality time with each other .. away from the city , busy lives .. just looking in each other’s eyes ., enjoying the food and each other’s company.