Secret-the sad truth

She was silent ,she was quiet. She was standing in the corner , lifeless .She stood there  like a miniature.I called her again “ANITA “. My voice and words just surpassed her ear. I went and shook her from behind ,she din’t uttered a single word. Her mouth was shut but deepness of her eyes did speak her sadness ,they were yellow , pale and filled with sorrow.
Anita use to be my domestic help some years back.She belonged to a poor family and all the responsibilities of her house was on her shoulders.She was very punctual ,hard working and loyal women. She use to be in her own world and hardly spoke but  always carried a pretty smile on her face. I have known her for years , but hardly knew anything about her family .

Today when i saw her , her  usual smile was missing . She was looking miserable .she was bleeding , her  face was swollen and wounded .She was looking  terrified . I was shocked to see her in this situation .I wanted to know what has happened ,I wanted to know  what was she was going through.? Though she was just my maid but I had a certain attachment to her. Her deep black eyes always imbibe a lot within them. It always made me inquisitive. Today she was hurt badly . I took her inside my house , made her sit ..

I said “Anita  tell me what’s wrong ..who did this to you ??She looked down and remain silent.

I was too worried for her. I had so many  questions but she was mum, she dint answered any .

I took a deep breath ..brought some food ,water ,clothes and first aid for her and gave her some  money for medicine .Looking straight and deep in her eyes i said  “you can tell me Anita .I will help you in the best possible way”
A Tear dropped from her eyes and finally she spoke “didi you have been very nice to me,but this is the truth of my life which I can’t share with anyone. This Secret will go with me in my deathbed.”
She thanked me for everything and went off. I never saw her again. I still wonder what was that secret. Where did she went ,what happened to her.
I knew ,she was going through some misery .I wanted to help her but , I was indeed helpless..



The first instant thought which flashed across my mind with word divide was ‘Divide and rule’. Indian had a long history associated with divide and rule policy adopted by Britishers to rule India. Since my  childhood i have been hearing of all those stories and that had created a strong impact on my mind.It made me learn one thing that whatever circumstances you face it you are united then no one can beat you and once you are  you are alone ,you stand petite and feeble and a easy prey to anyone who wants to conquer you .

Nowadays we often hear cases of divorce,property division between siblings ,and other issuses which divides the familes and seperates them. And its often seen the outsiders benefit the most from this family diffrences and division. Are we really happy without our loved ones ??just for the same of money and property?? we trust others more than our family but when time comes only our near data ones and family ppl supports us.  If your family and loved onces support you ,and stand by you .you need not fear ,you can win the world.

So don’t leave your fellowbeings ,do not allow anyone to separate you from your loved ones.Stand bythere side.

Fight for them not withthem and never get divided.



It takes a lot of courage to stand out of crowd ,to do something different and raise your voice.It’s never easy to breakthrough the monotony, Question the existing system,face the challenges Answer the  raised finger and eyes of people ,listen to  heart and do what it tells you to do.

We are strugging within in our mind and heart .This mind and heart conflict had made us week and we tend to listen to our mind leaving the poor heart left aside. Its because we are living with a strange fear. A fear to have  name,fame ,money and a status in socity.We are not  living for ourselves. We are living the way the others want to see us.The way  socity wants us to live.

How many of us would raise our voice if we see miss happings in front of our eyes.Unless it evolves us,or its very crucial for our living we let it go..we don’t brother and let  things as they are.. we are not ready to bring any change.Charity ,selfless helping attitude are all lost words.Modernization has made us too modern and way too similar to machines .We think and behave as one of them .To mechanic ,practical and selfish.

But it’s a high time now. We cant live in four boundries in our own sweet world. We need to live for others .We need to stand togather and fight for our rights ,it’s a time to change the socity,it’s the time to bring a change in ourselves ..

It’s a time for a great leap!!!