Whats more boring !!

With summers popping up .. the days have become all the more boring and monotonous .Same routine , daily chores , heat of the sun .. everything seems so boring. With the boredom pilling up the  fatigue and laziness have outraged.I sleep extra hours , i eat extra calories , i get extra agitated  , irritated  and above all i am getting extra  disgusted and bored .

News flashing the same news .. ekta kapoor showing the same family drams , Movies are no different , same story-line and same screenplay .Television watching was never this boring

Even my wardrobe is not changing .. same dresses , same jwellery .Even Shopping doesn’t interest now  ,No new places , same malls , same shops , no varieties , no colour pattern ..it seems the creativity and imagination are lost somewhere.

Probably i am too  bored to see the brighter side of everything .. probably i need a break , probably i have to find some new stint in myself to see the changes in season , people and everything around !!